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Made you lick

Voted the "World's Best Ice Cream Shop" by - Us.


Your Favorite Ice Cream Shop’s Favorite Ice Cream Shop

CJ’s has been serving Las Vegas since 2012. All of our Italian ices are made in-house in small batches. From our viral creations like our famous “BOBAlati” and Spicy Sandia, to our “outside-the-box” marketing and branding…We are confident you will love everything about CJ’s….or you can tell everyone we suck.

Don’t just look at it. lick it.

Home to the Original Cereal Cones. Cereal soft-serves. The famous “BOBAlati”. And our delicious Spicy Sandia.


We do things a little differently around here. And we think you’ll appreciate that.


You’re my favorite flavor.

We’re more than just another ice cream shop. We’re different. We’re bold. We’re a little wild. We’re just what you were “licking” for.